What Is A Casting Director?

By Darryl Green

  • A casting director is the person who is tasked with the assignment of finding actors to fill acting roles in a production. Casting directors work with actors, their agents and film directors to cast the right actors and negotiate deals. Therefore, it is crucial for actors to impress the casting director, as they are the connection between the actor and the movie.

    What Are Casting Directors Responsible For?

    The casting director’s primary duties are:

    • Holding auditions for actors
    • Helping directors determine which actors may be right for which roles in a movie or on a television show
    • Working with the director and producer to determine the criteria for each role

    Determining the Criteria for Actors Needed

        One of the first tasks for a casting director is helping to determine what the criteria are for the actors who are needed in the film. In other words, a casting director might ask: what should the lead character’s personality be like? Should he be tall and muscular or short and stumpy? Should the lead character be serious or funny?

    Holding Auditions

    Once the casting director, producer and director have determined what the criteria will be for the actors they are looking for, it is up to the casting director to hold auditions. The casting director must make sure that actors know about the audition and what is involved. Finding great actors to play the various parts is the essence of the casting director’s job.

    Making Casting Decisions

    The casting director helps the director and producer make decisions about which actors should perform in the production. The casting director must evaluate the actor’s résumé and performance experience, the actor’s availability, the needs of the role and the needs of the overall story to determine which actors should play which parts.

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