One Fact About Post-Audition Fears That You Should Always Remember 

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  • One Fact About Post-Audition Fears That You Should Always Remember 

    More likely than not, the casting director thinks you did fine! 

    (by Javier Guerra)

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    Look, it’s normal to be worried about how well your audition went. Auditions are a nerve-wracking experience.

    There’s so much pressure to read for a role with only a small amount of time for preparation. Plus, you have so much riding on getting the role – career ambitions, professional goals, personal goals, financial rewards.

  • When the audition is done, you can’t help but to agonize over what you didn’t do well or how poorly the audition went. Worrisome days lead to sleepless nights, which leads to anxiety when you try to land your next role. The cycle then repeats itself.

    But there is one fact about these kinds of post-audition fears that you should be aware of:

    You will ALWAYS view your audition more negatively than the casting director will!

    Inside your mind, you carry all of the insecurities you’ve dealt with your whole life. All the worries you’ve had about your voice, your body, your talent, your self-esteem – all come gushing out during and after your audition.

    “Was I good enough?”

    “Am I talented enough?”

    “Was I too nervous?”

    “Did they like me?”

    “Is this audition gonna go nowhere, like my last 5 auditions?”

    “Am I right for this role?”

    “All the other actresses were prettier than me. Am I pretty enough to get the part?”

    “I’m too heavy. I need to lose some weight!”

    “I need to book this role so I can pay my rent.”

  • All these anxieties will cause you to view your audition harshly. “My audition was TERRIBLE”, you’ll say to yourself.

    But guess what? The casting director doesn’t share any of your deeply ingrained insecurities. NONE!

    They did not experience your childhood. They don’t know that you’re uncomfortable with your body. Or your look.

    They don’t know that you have self-esteem issues or that you get nervous when you perform in front of people.

    They don’t know that you’re struggling financially and are counting on this role to pay your rent or to keep your insurance.

    All the casting director is doing is looking at your audition, objectively. And that is why you will always view your audition more negatively than a casting director will. The CD is an objective evaluator of your audition performance. You are not!

  • Let’s compare.

    Imposter syndrome
    Body-image problems
    Financial struggles
    Frustration over lack of career success
    Anxiety from unsuccessful previous auditions

    The Casting Director:
    Objectively evaluating your audition. Nothing more, nothing less.

    See the difference?

    Don’t spend time worrying about every audition. And don’t be too hard on yourself, because it’s all in your head. More likely than not, the casting director thinks you did fine!

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