What is the “Repetition Exercise”?

What is the “Repetition Exercise”? There are several objectives that the Repetition Exercise seeks to achieve. Chief among these is to increase the actor’s reliance on their instincts. (by Tonya Tannenbaum) The “Repetition Exercise” or the “Repetition Word Game” is an exercise that was taught by Sanford Meisner. Its purpose is to emphasize spontaneity and […]

What is the “Private Moment Exercise”?

What is the “Private Moment Exercise”? The concentration that it takes to have a private moment in public, empowers the actor to bring a higher level of concentration to a character (by Tonya Tannenbaum) A private moment exercise is a training exercise designed to help actors feel they are in private, while in a public […]

What are “Profiles”?

What are “Profiles”? Profiles give casting a more complete picture of how the actor looks when performing on-camera (by Tonya Tannenbaum) Profiles are a request for additional information about an actor’s appearance, particularly what they look like when they are viewed from either side of their faces and body. Profiles give casting a more complete […]

What is a “Sense Memory”?

What is a “Sense Memory”? Armed with a sense memory, the actor’s experience is no longer rooted in fantasy. It is now real to them. (by Tonya Tannenbaum) Sense memory is an acting technique whereby the actor recalls the physical sensations surrounding a personal, emotional experience and uses those sensations to help trigger truthful emotional […]

What are “Notes, Adjustments and Redirects”?

What are “Notes, Adjustments and Redirects”? Regardless of what one might call them, these changes are usually necessary for a thorough evaluation of the actor’s fitness for the role being cast (By Tonya Tannenbaum) Notes, adjustments and redirects are industry buzz words that largely mean the same thing. They are the changes that a casting […]

What is “Slating”?

What is “Slating”? The slating process makes it easier for casting to keep track of each actor’s name and match it to their performance as they review audition tape (By Tonya Tannenbaum) The term, “slating”, for auditions, describes a standard industry practice whereby the actor briefly introduces themselves while facing the camera. This process usually […]

What are “Inner Motives”?

  What are “Inner Motives”? In order to consistently deliver natural, emotionally sincere performances the actor must understand their character’s inner motives (By Tonya Tannenbaum) Inner Motives are the rationales that an actor analyzes and uses to justify their character’s actions. Understanding and developing your character’s inner motives is the key to unlocking the actor’s […]

What are “Animal Exercises”?

What are “Animal Exercises”? An actor can study how an animal or animals move and, then, use some of those movements when preparing to capture the physicality of their character (By Tonya Tannenbaum) In essence, “animal exercises” or “animal work” is a training technique that involves actors studying the movements and characteristics of animals, observed […]