What is the “Repetition Exercise”?

What is the “Repetition Exercise”? There are several objectives that the Repetition Exercise seeks to achieve. Chief among these is to increase the actor’s reliance on their instincts. (by Tonya Tannenbaum) The “Repetition Exercise” or the “Repetition Word Game” is an exercise that was taught by Sanford Meisner. Its purpose is to emphasize spontaneity and […]

What is a “Sense Memory”?

What is a “Sense Memory”? Armed with a sense memory, the actor’s experience is no longer rooted in fantasy. It is now real to them. (by Tonya Tannenbaum) Sense memory is an acting technique whereby the actor recalls the physical sensations surrounding a personal, emotional experience and uses those sensations to help trigger truthful emotional […]

5 Basic Facts About Method Acting

  5 Basic Facts about Method Acting Method acting refers to a collection of training techniques meant to aid actors in the understanding and building of their characters (By Jim Webb) Method acting is one of the most popular set of acting techniques practiced by professional actors. It is associated with legendary actors like Marlon […]

What are “Animal Exercises”?

What are “Animal Exercises”? An actor can study how an animal or animals move and, then, use some of those movements when preparing to capture the physicality of their character (By Tonya Tannenbaum) In essence, “animal exercises” or “animal work” is a training technique that involves actors studying the movements and characteristics of animals, observed […]

What is the “Magic If”?

What is the “Magic If”? By placing themselves in their character’s situation, the actor gains a better understanding of the given circumstances facing the character (by Tonya Tannenbaum) Every actor who performs a role is portraying a character who is not exactly like themselves, unless the role is autobiographical in nature. When preparing the role, […]

What is the “Substitution Technique”?

What is the “Substitution Technique”? Using substitution, actors can justify, to themselves, their character’s actions in various moments, now that they have related those moments to truths in their own lives. (by Tonya Tannenbaum) The Substitution Technique, or simply “Substitution”, is an acting technique that actors can use to gain a deeper understanding of their […]