Auditions vs. Callbacks: What’s the Difference? 

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  • Auditions vs. Callbacks: What’s the Difference? 

    (By Jim Webb) 

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    What’s the difference between an audition vs. a callback? If you’re an experienced actor, you already know the answer. But let’s explore this topic for the beginners.

    In simple terms, an audition is the first “interview” in an actor’s job interview process. A callback is the follow-up “job interview”.

  • The First Interview 

    Think of auditions as the actor’s first interview. An applicant who seeks a job, in a professional setting, goes in for an interview. Actors do the same thing! But an actor’s job interview is not called an interview. It’s called an audition.

    An actor’s job interview is not called an interview. It’s called an audition.

    An audition serves the same purpose as a professional interview. It’s an opportunity for an employer to gauge a candidate’s suitability for a job. Likewise, an actor must demonstrate his or her suitability. They do this by putting on a performance for the decision-makers.

    The Second Interview 

    After a successful first interview, a job applicant may be called in for a second interview before that candidate can be hired. Actors, sometimes, go through something similar!

    An actor’s second interview is called a callback. As with the first interview – the audition – an actor gives a performance to demonstrate their suitability for the acting role, during a callback.

    Callbacks are the norm, but not the rule. It is possible for an actor to be hired without the need for a callback. But callbacks are useful because they provide another opportunity for decision makers to winnow the field of candidates, to select the best actor for the job.

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