7 Audition Must-Haves

By Darryl Green

  • Be sure to bring these 7 things to your next audition….

    The Character
    The most important thing to bring to any audition is also the most overlooked. You must bring the character! Bring the character! Is the character shy? Then don’t be loud and obnoxious at the audition. Is the character a bad boy? Then don’t go to the audition in a shirt and tie. Be your character from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave and at all times in between. The more the casting directors can see you as the “shy guy” or “bad boy” or whatever the character is, the more likely you are to land the role.

    Extra clothes
    It is usually not necessary to bring another outfit. But what if you arrive at an audition and discover that your desired character

    wears a tie? Having a tie in your car could give you a leg up. You run to the car, put it on, and look the part better than your competition.

    Necessary accessories
    Is the character a basketball player? Why not bring along a basketball to use with the audition? Is she a journalist? How about a notebook and a pair of glasses? Remember, you want the casting director to see you as the character they are looking for.

    A watch
    Why? So you can get there with time to spare. Being late is a killer. Plus, getting there early allows you to read over the script, prepare and maybe even make an early impression on the casting directors.

    Acting Script/Sides
    If you are fortunate enough to get the script ahead of the audition, you are lucky. You can learn and even memorize your lines prior to the audition. Still, it is a good idea to bring them with you at the audition.

    5 Headshots with Resume
    The casting director will always need 1 or 2 to help make his final decision. Still, you should always have a few more, just in case one of the other project’s managers or actors think you would be great for a part elsewhere.

    A warm smile and friendly personality
    Why would they want to work with you otherwise?

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