Acting Definition – Self-Taped Audition.

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  • Acting Definition – Self-Taped Audition.

    A self-taped audition is an audition that is conducted and filmed by the actor, at the request of a casting director. Rather than the traditional audition, where the actor travels to a studio, in this scenario, the actor simply records the audition in their own home and submits it electronically.
    This self-tape option can be useful to the casting director in a variety of ways:

    Self-taped auditions can save time
    In-person auditions can be an all-day and/or multi-day affair. During this exhaustive process, the casting director must deal with actors who arrive late, actors who are unprepared, actors who have an attitude, or actors who don’t follow directions well. With a self-taped audition, the casting director can sift through auditions more quickly, avoiding all the delays that come with in-person auditions.

    Self-taped auditions can save money
    If the casting director must rent space to conduct the auditions, the cost of casting an actor can become expensive. With a self-taped audition, casting directors don’t have to rent studio space to conduct auditions.

    Self-taped auditions can winnow the field more quickly
    By pre-screening actors through a self-taped audition, casting directors can more quickly identify which actors are the right type for the part and which are not. Afterward, casting directors can conduct in-person auditions with the actors who made it through this initial screening process.

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