What Color Background is Best for Self-Tape Auditions? 

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  • What Color Background is Best for Self-Tape Auditions? 

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    Be careful when selecting a color for your self-tape background. It can make a major difference in how you show up on camera and, therefore, can impact the overall quality of your self-tape.

  • When choosing a background, avoid bright colors like red or yellow. Avoid black. White can also be problematic, at times.

    Also, avoid a color that closely matches your audition outfit, which will blend you into the background and make it seem as if you have a “talking head” with no lower body.

    The Ultimate Guide to Self-Tapes

    Make sure that there are no logos or patterns on your backdrop. A background with stripes, wallpaper designs or images is distracting.

    Select a neutral color, one that does not distract from your performance. Colors like blue or grey tend to work best for self-tape auditions.

    In summary, choose:

    *Choose a neutral background color, like a basic, solid blue or grey color

    *Choose a background that doesn’t have patterns, logos and other distracting designs

    *Choose a background that doesn’t closely match the color of your audition outfit.

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