What Do I Say Before I Begin My Self-Tape? 

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  • What Do I Say Before I Begin My Self-Tape? 

    (By AM Staff)

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    What you say in your self-tape may go beyond the words of your script. You almost certainly will be asked to slate. You may also be asked to speak about yourself.

  • Slating is the universal way that actors introduce themselves during an audition. Before you begin your self-tape, you may be asked to slate by providing information like:

    *State your first and last name

    *State your age, if you’re a child actor

    *State the name of the talent agency that represents you

    *State your Covid-19 vaccination status

    *State your willingness to change your appearance, such as hairstyle or facial hair

    *State whether or not you have allergies to pets or food products

  • Aside from slating, you may be asked additional questions like:

    *Tell us about yourself

    *Which team is your favorite football team, and why?

    *What are your hobbies?

    *Tell us about a time when someone surprised you with an unexpected gift

    Questions like these are often asked as a way for the decision-makers to get to know you beyond your ability to act. They are designed to get to know you as a person and to see your personality. And they are designed to see how you come across on camera.

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