What Is Acting?

By Darryl Green

  • What is Acting?

    What is the purpose and meaning of acting?

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    To “act” is the performance of a character in a theatre play, on television or in films and movies. Acting can also be an improvisation, whereby an actor creates a character off the top of his or her head, and performs that character by making up lines, situations and confrontations.

  • The process of acting originated in Greece, hundreds of years ago. The first actor is believed to be Thespis of Icaria.

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    Acting is the process by which an actor creates a character or reads on from a script, transforms himself or herself into that character and attempts to convince an audience that he or she is that character in real life.   Acting performances are considered successful when the actor is successful at making the character appear to be a real-life person, with all the emotions, complexities and dimensions of a real human being.

    The Areas of Acting
    When it comes to acting, there are several different areas of in which an actor can perform. The main areas are voice-overs, theatre, commercials, television programs and movies.

    Actors who perform their acting on the radio or as unseen vocal characters or narrators are sometimes known as voice-over artists. They perform in radio spots, television programs, film or as the voices of cartoon characters.

    Theatre is a major area of show-business for actors. Actors can perform on stage in theatres, either on Broadway, or in Off-Broadway productions, off-off Broadway productions and at local theatres in their areas.

    Actors can perform in television commercials, which are a great place to start for beginning actors, or actors who are not yet household names.

    Television Shows
    Actors can perform in television shows, such as Soap Operas, daytime dramas, primetime dramas and sitcoms.

    Film and onscreen performance is the most popular area of acting. And there are many different types of movies that actors can perform in, such as independent films, industrial films, made-for-television movies, student films and big-budget, blockbuster movies.


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