What is a “Breakdown”?

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    What is a “Breakdown”?

    (By AM Staff)

    A “breakdown” is a brief description of a forthcoming production, along with the characters and roles featured in that production. It is created and released to begin the process of casting the actors who will perform those various characters and roles.





    Breaking It Down:

    When a producer or production company is ready to cast actors, they will prepare, or have a casting director prepare, a description of the project and all the acting roles they are seeking to fill. These descriptions are known as “breakdowns”. They usually include things like:

    *Name of the project
    *Description of the project
    *Name of the character
    *Age range of the character
    *Gender of the character
    *Description of the character
    *The name of the casting director or casting agency
    *Pay rate
    *Audition dates
    *Production dates

    These breakdowns are then sent out to talent agents and managers directly or are posted onto websites, like Breakdown Services. Once posted and released, talent agents can submit talent for consideration, talent whom they believe fit the breakdown. If the casting director believes the submitted actor is a fit, he or she may decide to invite the actor to come in for an audition.

    Smaller productions (and, occasionally, some larger ones) usually make their breakdowns viewable to the entire acting community, including to actors. This allows actors to self-submit, instead of being submitted by an agent or manager.


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