Do’s & Don’ts of Acting
By AM Staff
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The Great Do’s and Don’ts

DO student, experimental, low-budget, and independent films. Do community and independent theater. Remember, acting is doing—not just studying and reading about it.

The more experience you have acting, the more you learn, the more you’ll grow, and the better your acting will be.

DO go for a variety of roles. This way you will stretch yourself as an actor—which will make you a more well rounded actor.

DO get a computer—you’ll be using it A LOT. It’s an essential tool for any actor to have a computer or to at least have access to one (if you don’t have a computer, I suggest setting aside some cash and investing in one). You will be spending a lot of time on your computer creating letters, keeping your resume up to date, editing photos, and looking for work.

DO put up your own acting site on the World Wide Web. This is probably the best way to market yourself (second only to your headshot and resume), and it’s accessible to anyone with a computer, 24/7. Here, you can promote your latest news and endeavors, nicely display your resume, photos, and headshots, and include audio and video clips. Talk about standout!!!

DO look for acting jobs everyday. Essential sites to frequent are Playbill, backstage, Actors Access, Acting Magazine and Craigslist. Also check out the ‘links’ section of my website.

DO your mailings every day—or every day that you find something to submit for. Even if you don’t think you’re quite right for the part, but you suspect that you could be, submit yourself anyway. Trust me, sometimes it pays off—you may inspire the film-maker or director and change his or her mind about the character. It’s worth every try.

DO have a variety of monologues ready to go at all times (comedic, dramatic, classic, and contemporary).

DO carry headshots and resumes with you at all times. You never know who you’ll run into!

DO take classes whenever you can.

DO join a theater group or company—this will inevitably keep you on your toes!

DO your own thing. MAKE your acting career happen. Write a play, stage a reading—and then star in it. Make your own movie.

DO work with other actors. Establish friendships. Collaborating is great!

DON’T give up on your dream.

About the Author
Amy is an actress in NYC. Her website can be found at (includes loads of links and tips for actors).

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