QUESTION: Are auditions free? How much do auditions cost? 

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    Are auditions free? How much do auditions cost? 

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    If someone charges you for the privilege to audition, it’s most likely a scam. Auditions are conducted to access your talent, not to gain access to your pocketbook.

    There are, indeed, costs associated with auditions. For instance, actors must pay for marketing materials, such as professional headshots and reels. Actors also pay membership fees to casting websites, like Actors Access, that link actors to audition breakdowns. These expenses are necessary for actors to obtain meaningful auditions.

    Additionally, actors might pay for successful auditions, after they are paid for a job. For example, they might be responsible for commissions paid to their representatives.

    But, to be clear, these costs are costs indirectly associated with auditions. The auditions themselves are always free. Actors never have to pay a fee to audition for a role. If you are told otherwise by someone, it’s likely a scam.

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