Acting Fact: Only About 20% of Union Actors Earn More Than $10,000 Annually

By Webmaster

  • Acting Fact: Only about 20% of union actors earn more than $10,000 per year. (A sobering or encouraging fact, depending on your perspective.)

    This is a sobering fact of life for most actors. While many actors enter the profession dreaming of fame and riches, the fact is that only a tiny handful of actors ever achieve it. After all, there’s a reason we all know a famous name like Brad Pitt. It’s because his success is unique – so unique, in fact, that we actually have the time to learn his name.
    Of course, we forget that there were many actors who competed with Brad Pitt for his earlier roles. Many of those actors continue to be nameless and faceless.

    However, this fact can either be depressing or encouraging, depending on your prospective. If you are the type who runs toward a challenge, instead of running away from a challenge, this fact will not deter you. It may, in fact, make you work even harder. And, think of the joy and sense of accomplishment you’ll have when you become one of the top-earning 20%.

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