Beef-up your acting resume with training, not lies!

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    Beef-up your acting resume with training, not lies!

    Are you a new-ish actor? Don’t have much on your acting resume? Then, beef it up with training, not lies!

    If you are an unscrupulous actor, you might be tempted to lie about some of the details of your resume, much as some people embellish their credentials on their professional working resumes. You might, for example, be tempted to say that you played the lead character in a play. And why not? Who’s going to know that you only saw the play once on a school field trip and were never actually in the play.

    While it may be tempting to embellish your acting resume, the danger of getting caught makes it far too risky to attempt it. You could, for example, meet a casting director who loves the play you are claiming as a credit. They might be eager to have a detailed discussion with you about the play. Imagine their reaction when they quickly discover you barely have any knowledge of the play at all. And you said you were the lead! Think you’re going to book that role? Fat chance!
    Worse, you have now stained your reputation, a stain that could linger throughout your career. Besides, even if you are able to get away with lying on your acting resume, your lack of experience will eventually reveal itself.

    Try this, instead. Rather than lying on your resume about all the great acting jobs you’ve done, why not simply take more acting classes? Take classes on auditioning and cold reading and on-camera performing and movement and dialect and everything else under the sun.

    And, when you’re done with this training, you might still have a resume that indicates you have little-to-no acting credits. But your resume will also indicate that you are well-trained and ready to begin earning those acting credits!

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