Matthew McConaughey: “I love entrances and exits”

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  • Matthew McConaughey:

    “I love entrances and exits.”

    (arranged by Carmichael Phillips)

    (Matthew McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street)

    “I love entrances and exits. I love doing all the work about, ‘well let’s backload about where my character’s coming from, and why, how he got here and where is he going.’ I love to finish scenes. Write it out! Just finish writing it. And I write a lot on scripts. I write way more than I ever actually say.”

    “But I have it. It loosens me up on the entrance and the exit. And I think I like my work best when I’m feeling like I’m being caught coming in and caught going out.”

    “And in the entire picture, if you feel like that 2 hours that you watched was not just a finite piece or story. I like watching films and characters and I love imagining what they were doing the five years before and where they’re going after that, the five years after that.”

    “There’s always a prequel and a sequel and a follow-up. Even if there’s not in films. I like to at least have that understanding, let my imagination go, that I got a real good idea what this guy (the character) was doing the last 5 years and what they’ll be doing for the next fifty.”

    (Matthew McConaughey [The Lincoln Lawyer, Dallas Buyers Club] speaking at the Lincoln) speaking at Lincoln Center)

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