Acting Definition: Proof Sheet

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  • Acting Definition: Proof Sheet.

    After an actor has completed a photo session with a headshot photographer, the photographer makes the resulting photos available for the actor in what are sometimes referred to as “proofs” or a proof sheet. This is a collection of the photos that were taken during the actor’s photo session. These photos are miniature images the actor will choose from to use on their headshots or composite card.

    This can be done either by mailing them to the actor via disk, making them available online for viewing by the actor and their agent or simply having the actor come by and view them.

    Many times, the photographer may suggest or advise the actor to choose certain photos from the proof sheet to use in marketing themselves. Agents also offer important advice in this area. Agents can provide great guidance as to which photos should be chosen since the talent agent knows which photos will work well in the market and raise the most interest.

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