Acting Definition: Audition Notes.

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  • Acting Definition: Audition Notes.

    After you perform a scene at an audition, a casting director might ask you to do it again. Only this time, they might give you notes. Notes are the adjustments a casting director would like you to make when you do the scene the second time around.
    For example, you might perform a scene where you yell at your spouse who wants to leave you. The first time, you screamed and yelled and cried. The second time around, the casting director might give you a note. The note may be that this time they want you to do less yelling and play the scene more subdued.

    There are many reasons you might receive notes on your performance. For example:

    1) The casting director might not have been impressed with your performance and would like to give you a chance to improve on it.

    2) The casting director might have enjoyed your performance but would like to make it even better.

    3) The casting director might simply want to give the producers more options when making final casting decisions.

    In many cases, all the actors at an audition will receive notes, regardless of how the casting director might have felt about the initial performances.

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