What are “Sides”?

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    What are “Sides”?

    (by AM staff)


    The term “sides” usually refers to a small section of a larger script, used by casting directors to audition actors for a role that must be cast.





    Breaking it down:

    To evaluate an actor for an available acting role, a casting director must use the script. The problem is, the script might be extremely long, possibly over 100 pages in length. Just imagine:

    • Actors attempting to memorize and prepare for a first audition that features many, many pages of text.

    • Casting directors attempting to audition hundreds of actors for roles, with each audition lasting more than hour!

    This, of course, is inefficient (and impossible).

    The solution: take one small, but important, piece of the script – called “sides” – and audition actors using only this small piece. By using sides, casting directors can see how actors perform in specific scenes of the script that are pivotal to the role and the overall production.

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