What is a Composite Card?

By AM Staff

What Is A Composite/Zed Card?

A zed card, also known as a composite card, is an 8×10 sheet that contains different photos of an actor or model. The photos contained on the sheet depict the actor in several different looks or poses. The purpose of the zed card is to help the actor or model obtain work by showing the different ways the actor or model can look in different settings. For example, in one image, the actor may have on a business outfit to go for a more professional look. But, in another image, the actor may have on a simple outfit with jeans and a shirt to go for a “family man” look. All of these looks or images are contained on the zed card to market the actor or model.

In modeling, the zed card is crucial. It is usually the main tool used to market a model. Models must be able to strike different poses, so a zed card allows models to display different poses.

In acting, however, zed cards are not the primary marketing tool. Actors typically use standard headshots, which display only one look. However, when an actor is looking to work in commercials, he or she may want to get a zed card. That’s because, actors who work in commercials must be able to display different looks or images. Therefore, a standard headshot may not be in order and a zed card, with it’s ability to showcase the different poses of an actor, is better suited.

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