Voice-Over Definitions
By AM Staff
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Test your knowledge in Voice-Over and acting with our collection of important voice acting definitions!

AFTRA is on of the largest union for actors. It stands for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

The act of choosing selected words from a script so as to give them special attention or emphasis.

Cans are the earphones an actor uses to hear his or her own voice, background music or special effects while recording.

Widely used term that stands for Compact Disc-Read Only Memory

Digital audio Tape (DAT)
A DAT is an audiotape of high-quality.

The equivalent to a screen-actor’s headshot. It is an audio resume containing samples of the voice actor’s work.

Improv (short for Improvisation)
Improv is when the voice actor performs copy that is not on his or her script.

ISO booth (short for Isolation)
The soundproof room inside the recording studio designed to isolate the artist’s sound from other noises.

Slip (usually filled with text or images) that covers the front of a CD case

Jewel case
A CD’s case

Act of recording special effects, music and other sound with the actor’s voice

Area of a microphone where the actor can speak into with his or her words not being picked up as well

Quality of the voice as represented by vocal tone intensity
Special Effects (SFX)
Added visual and sound effects

The act of stating one’s name and/or agency of representation, as well as take number at the beginning of a take.

The number give to the recording, like Take 1

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