22 Easy Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your Audition

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  • 22 Easy Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your Audition

    Read this list and act accordingly!

    (By Jim Webb)

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    #1: Celebrate

    Celebrate getting the audition. Get excited! A casting director sees something in you and would like to bring you in for an audition.

    #2: Relax

    But don’t get so excited that you wet yourself! Don’t be intimidated or nervous. It’s just an audition.

    #3: Believe in yourself!

    Believe that you can get the role. Don’t allow any self-doubt to creep into your head.

    #4: Read every detail

    Read all the details of your audition so that you fully understand what’s expected of you.

    #5: Research the role

    Do your research. Learn as much as you can about the role.

    #6: Ask questions

    If you have any questions about the role, ask your rep. If necessary, ask the casting director.

    #7: Research the team

    Learn as much as you can about the production team. Research any past projects they may have done.

    #8: Read everything

    Read the full script or all available sides.

    #9: Google it!

    Make sure you understand and can pronounce each word. If you don’t understand a word or a topic, Google it!

    #10: Read it!

    Read the whole play, if the audition is for a play.

    #11: Watch it!

    Watch episodes of the show, if the audition is for a television show.

    #12: Get to know all the characters’ lines

    Read all the lines for all the characters, not just your character’s lines.

    #13: Ask the 5 W’s

    Ask yourself the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where and Why.

    #14: Get off-book

    Get off-book, if you can.

    #15: Learn the key moments

    If you can’t get completely off-book, at least be off-book for the key moments in the script.

    #16: Print your sides

    Print your sides and bring them, even if you’re off-book. Your mind might suddenly go blank from the pressure of the audition.

    #17: Prepare your outfit

    Prepare your outfit the night before.

    #18: Suggest the character

    Choose an outfit that suggests the character. In other words, avoid full costumes, but choose clothing similar to what your character might wear.

    #19: Make a plan

    Make a plan for your audition, the night before. If it’s an in-person audition, make sure you know exactly how to get there. Don’t wait until the last minute!

    #20: Don’t worry about booking the job

    Forget about booking the job. There are many factors that go into casting that are outside your control. Just concentrate on giving your best performance!

    #21: Forget your past audition failures

    Forget about your past failures. Who cares if you didn’t book the last 50 roles you auditioned for. That was then, this is now!

    #22: Have fun!

    Have fun. Have fun. HAVE FUN!

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