Should You Wear White in a Self-Tape Audition? 

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  • Should You Wear White in a Self-Tape Audition?

    (By Tonya Tannenbaum)

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    Don’t wear bright white, as your primary color, for your self-tape audition unless you must. Wear it when you’re asked to do so by a casting director. Wear it when it’s necessary for the character. Otherwise, avoid the color white.

    The reason is that white can be a tricky color. It could show up badly on camera in an on-camera self-tape or virtual audition. Bright white, like any other bright color, might dominate the screen. Any garment that “glows” on camera will be distracting and take the focus away from your face.

    A small amount of white is ok! 

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should not wear any white whatsoever. A small amount of white, such as wearing a white t-shirt underneath a larger shirt or jacket, probably won’t hurt.

    But wearing bright white, as the primary color of your outfit might be problematic. With so many other colors to choose from, why not play it safe?

    Exceptions to the rule… 

    (Photo: Gustavo Fring | Pexels)

    There are situations where wearing white makes sense. You might be asked to wear it by a casting director. Or, perhaps you’re auditioning for a doctor role or nurse role and you need to wear a white nurse’s uniform or a doctor’s lab coat.

    In this instance you are compelled to wear white, either by the character or by the casting director. Also, you would be wearing the same color that all the other actors will be wearing for the audition. So, in that case, wearing white makes sense.

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