David Carradine Quotes on Acting

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  • David Carradine Quotes on Acting

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    #1: “There was one guy who once told me, there are no failures in Hollywood, there are only people who gave up too soon.”




    #2: “The problem is not that acting is hard. The problem is that there are over 100,000 members of SAG-AFTRA, and only hundreds of jobs”


    Brief Bio

    The late David Carradine is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominated actor and martial artist, who appeared in over 100 films over a career that spanned more than six decades. Carradine was best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine, the peace-loving Shaolin monk on the 1970’s television series, Kung Fu. His most recent notoriety came for his role as Bill, in the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill: Volume 2, which earned him a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.

    Carradine passed away on June 3, 2009, due to a fatal autoerotic asphyxiation accident. He was 72.

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