Top Secret: Wear your audition outfit to the callback!

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    Top Secret: Wear your audition outfit to the callback!

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    After an audition, don’t wash your clothes! Ok, let’s revise that. What we mean is, after an audition, don’t put your clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. If you can’t wash or dry-clean them immediately, just Febreze and hang them up, for a day or two.
    Why? Because you might get a callback! That means you did something right. You went into that stressful audition and performed so well that the casting director wants to see you again.

    But here’s the problem: you don’t know exactly what they liked about you in the initial audition. In fact, *they* may not even know what they liked about you. The casting director may just feel that there was “something about you” that compelled them to call you back in. Perhaps it was the way your earth-toned shirt caught the light. Or perhaps you were well rested and full of energy. Or perhaps it was your entrance or the way you slated your name.

    Since you don’t always know, here’s a simple rule of thumb: Do (pretty much) what you did the first time! And wear (pretty much) whatever you wore the first time. That takes the guess work out of everything. Hopefully whatever they saw in you in the first audition will also give you a boost the second time around.

    So, if you can’t immediately clean your clothes, freshen them up, hang them up and hope for a callback!
    Gross? Maybe a little. But effective.

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