Glamour Modeling

By Darryl Green

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of glamour. Never before has their been so much opportunity for all, regardless of age, sex and looks now virtually anybody with a little ambition and perseverance can be part of this exciting and developing industry.

    The dictionary defines glamour as ´making the eyes see things as fairer than they are : fascination : enchantment: groomed beauty and studied charm. If you think about this then it is evident that glamour not only embraces those of us that are fortunate enough to have the looks to be considered glamorous but more importantly those who have the ability to project not only others as glamorous, but also locations, circumstances, clothes, makeup, magazines, TV and films, the list goes on and on.

    Let’s look first at modeling, probably the most obvious glamour related activity. Catwalk models, photographic fashion models, catalogue models, girlie magazine models, male models, exhibition and display stand models, nude models, outsize models and the sub categories who are employed just to model only their hands or legs or busts or faces. In the category of glamour modeling alone the personnel needed to provide the infrastructure is extraordinarily diverse. Specialist glamour photographers, make up artists, hairdressers, set designers, location finders, dress and swimsuit designers and fitters, magazine and newspaper editorial and layout staff, advertising agency campaign creators, etc, etc.

    In film and TV the actors and actresses, whether stars or extras, will hope to look as glamorous as their part will allow, it is as much a boost to their self esteem and confidence as it is in the hope of getting noticed to further their careers. Again they are aided by the back up teams of make up, clothes and hairdressers and by no means least the team that shoots their most glamorous camera angles.

    You can make it as a model even if you haven’t got a fabulous figure. If you have just one glamorous feature such as great legs, lovely face, wonderful eyes, elegant hands, even if you feel the rest of your body is not quite perfect you can still enjoy the rewards of modeling and this applies to men as well. Male models make big money. Think of the glamour that a sexy male or female voice over on a TV or radio advertisement evokes, another rewarding activity associated with modeling.

    To get started, first consider your attributes and if you think you might have that certain something then start by seeing the top model and acting agencies, they are always on the look out for the next talent. Otherwise choose from the many other careers in the glamour industry. Either way perseverance will pay off.

    To sum up glamour modeling is a financially rewarding team effort with a vast number of career opportunities for both sexes irrespective of looks, as usual ability and perseverance offer the best opportunities to ´ make the eyes see things fairer than they are´.

    About The Author

    John Lloyd has been a top marketing man and now resides in Spain with his ex-fashion model wife, Jacqueline. He keeps up to date with the fashion industry as his daughter, Daniella, is also a London fashion model. They all keep in trim by following a strict exercise and diet regime.

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