Beginning actors may want to stick with traditional headshots—headshots that are simple, black-and-white, and friendly. However, advanced actors may want to use a headshot that more closely follows their career path.

Acting Definition: Clip

Acting Definition: Clip. A “Clip” is a small but important piece of footage from a film. If you perform in a film or television show, or even a theatrical performance that is filmed,…

Acting Tip: Audition with sides in-hand

Acting Tip: Audition with sides in-hand! Memorize your lines but audition with sides in-hand, as if you are unfamiliar with the lines. Then blow them away with your performance!

Acting Fact: Roles for Women in Hollywood Compared to Men

Acting Fact:    Although things are gradually improving, there remains nearly twice as many starring roles for men than for women in Hollywood.

  • Acting Fact: Only About 20% of Union Actors Earn More Than $10,000 Annually

    Acting Fact: Only about 20% of union actors earn more than $10,000 per year. (A sobering or encouraging fact, depending on your perspective.) This is a sobering fact of life for most actors….

    What Is A Headshot?

    A headshot is an 8 X 10 (usually black and white, but sometimes color) close-up photograph of a model or actor. The photograph usually covers the actor from his or her head to their shoulders….

    What Is A Producer?

    In show business, the producer is the point-man of the production. For example, let’s say a writer has an idea for a movie and writes a script. The producer gets the script and…

    What Is An Talent Agent?

    A talent agent is a person who helps actors, models, musicians and other artists and talent find jobs in their profession. An agent works on behalf of the artist or talent to negotiate…

    Acting Tip

    The Types of Actor Headshots

    Learn more about the different ways actors use headshots to market themselves! Learn More

    What Is An Extra?

    An extra is an actor who acts in a film/movie, television or theatre production, and usually doesn’t have a speaking role. Extras perform in the background of a scene to give the illusion…