What Is A Producer?
By AM Staff
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In show business, the producer is the point-man of the production. For example, let’s say a writer has an idea for a movie and writes a script. The producer gets the script and falls in love with it. Now, it is the producers job to run with it. The producer must take that script and turn it into a successful movie project. He or she is responsible for guiding the project along the various stages of production until it is ready to be released.

What Are The Responsibilities of The Producer?

The producer must:

  • Supervise the entire project
  • Help find the actors who will perform in the project
  • Secure the financing needed for the project
  • Supervise the filming of the project
  • Work with the marketing and distribution of the project

Supervising The Project
Since the producer has his or her reputation on the line with each project, they must make sure that a project runs smoothly, is marketable, and comes in under budget. Therefore, the producer must make sure that the project’s money is spent wisely. He must make sure that the director and the stars are working well together. And, he must make sure that the project remains on schedule. Failure to do so can severely hurt the producer’s career.

Helping Find Actors
While the casting personnel and film director usually have the most to do with the selection of actors who will work on a project, the producer also contributes. The producer must make sure that the right talent is involved in a project to make it marketable.

Securing Financing
In order to bring a project to life, the producer must secure the proper funding for a project. It is the producer’s job to make sure that sufficient capital is put into a project to make for a great film.

Supervises The Editing
The producer must make sure that a film comes out well. Therefore, the producer plays a major role in the editing process of the film. Taking part in the editing process ensures that the final film product closely resembles the producer’s vision.

Marketing and Distribution
The producer also takes an active role in the marketing and distribution of the final film product. After all, the more successful the project is, the greater the chances the producer will receive financing for his next project.

And that is just a few of the responsibilities of the producer. Simply put, the producer is the engine behind the project, keeping everything running smoothly, from the actors to the director to the budgeting to the editing and marketing of the project.

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