The Modeling Handbag

By AM Staff

  • 10 Essential Items for Your Modeling Bag

    Working models live out of their suitcases. What, with catwalk after catwalk, and plane flight after plane flight, the modeling bag is really home for many models. The best always come prepared. Here are 10 essential things to have in your bag:

    1. Extra comp cards. Carrying comp cards allows models the ability to get work, much the same way a business man passes out business cards to get more business.
    2. An appointment book. An appointment book is vital for organization and promptness.
    3. Makeup. Self-explanatory. Carry blush, mascara, power, eye shadow, and lipstick, etc.
    4. Toiletry items. Baby powder, tampons, lotion, hairbrushes…
    5. Undergarments. Pantyhose and bras of various colors, including nude, white and black.
    6. Clothing. Skirts, shorts, blue jeans, tops, blouses, as well as a bikini/swimwear.
    7. Jewelry.
    8. Shoes. Pumps and flats as well as basic shoes and sneakers.
    9. Belts. Carry a variety if possible, from casual to formal.
    10. Hair care. Perhaps most important: your curling irons, hairspray, hair gels and rollers.

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