How Do You Get Movie and TV Auditions? 

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  • How Do You Get Movie and TV Auditions?

    There are actually quite a few ways actors can find auditions for roles in television and movies

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    There are actually quite a few ways actors can find auditions for roles in television and movies. Here are 6 good ways to find such opportunities:

    1) Talent Reps 

    For many television and film roles, especially in productions that have large budgets, casting directors turn to talent agents to find talent. Therefore, having a good rep is one of the best ways to find auditions.

  • It may take time to find a good agent. But it’s worth your patience. Finding the right agent, one who truly believes in you, can open many doors of opportunity.

    2) Direct contact with casting directors 

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    If you do not currently have an agent, you’ll have to go to Plan B. One great option is to contact casting directors directly. It’s a delicate process, but it can yield results.

    Find out who’s casting and for what. Then, find out how the casting director you’re targeting would like to be contacted, if at all. Finally, let them know the role you’re interested in and why.

  • 3) Casting Sites 

    Casting websites, like LA Casting and Actors Access, might be the right solution for you. When you don’t have an agent, these kinds of sites are essential.

    You simply sign up and build your online profile. From there, you can begin submitting yourself to the various roles that fit your profile.

    4) Work Begets Work 

    There’s an old saying in this business: “Work begets work.” That means, if you can find one role, and perform extremely well, more roles are sure to come.

    Work as often as you can. Work on student films, short films, web series, whatever you can get your hands on. Sooner or later, the right person will notice your good work.

    5) Social Media 

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    Social media is a new age way for actors to find opportunity. You can find lots of casting notices for small and independent films on various social media platforms, if you know where to look.

  • Social media is also a great way to make casual contact with casting directors. Engage with them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. as a confident actor looking to build a relationship, not a desperate actor seeking a job.

    6) Film offices 

    Nearly every state has a film office. Google the film commission in your state.

    The film commission in your state might list the film projects in your state and give you instructions on how you can audition for roles that might be available.

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