What Should Be on an Acting Resume?

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  • What Should Be on an Acting Resume?

    Remember, the goal is to sell yourself

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    So, what should you put on your acting resume? All of your important vital statistics, along with your strongest credits and special skills.

    Remember, the goal is to sell yourself. So, your acting resume should be constructed with that in mind.

  • Here are some of the things you should consider listing on your acting resume:

    Your Name

    List your full name or stage name (if you have one) in large font

    Your Agency Name

    List the name of the talent agency or manager that represents you (if you have representation)

    Your Agency Phone Number

    List your agent’s phone number. List your own phone number, if you don’t have representation

    Links to Your Marketing Materials

    Include links to your online actor profiles, demo reel and website, if you have one

    Your Height

    Very helpful

    Your Weight

    Sometimes helpful, but not always important

    Union Status

    List the union you belong to. List “non-union” if you don’t belong to a union. If you’re “non-union”, indicate your eligibility to join a union, if you’re eligible.

    Film Credits

    List your strongest film credits, along with the size of your role (lead, supporting) and the director/producer

    Television Credits

    List your strongest television credits, along with the size of your role (guest star, co-star, recurring, etc.) and the director/producer


    List your strongest theatre credits, the name of your role, and the theatre company


    List the teachers and schools where you received your training and indicate whether or not the class is on-going.

    Special Skills

    List only the skills you do well and, if possible, your level of competence.

    Additional Items

    Include additional items such as:

    *Any unique features and experiences you have

    *Any special licenses and certifications you have

    *Any unique jobs or interests you have

    *Honors and awards received you’ve received

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