Can You Get Cast Without an Agent? 

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  • Can You Get Cast Without an Agent? 

    (By AM Staff)

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    The good news is, you don’t need an agent to find acting work! You can certainly get cast without an agent.

    In fact, it may be better to not seek representation in the early days of your acting career. Many actors begin their acting journey with the misconception that their journey begins and ends with having a great talent agent.

    While having a great agent puts you in position to compete for major roles, there is still plenty of work that can be obtained without having an agent.

  • Cast Yourself 

    The fastest way to get cast in something is to simply cast yourself. In the past, this option used to be off limits to most actors. But today, everyone has a smart phone and a YouTube account.

    Write a script for a play, web series or short film. Get with your buddies and film it. Post it on social media and add it to your acting resume. If the quality of the footage is good, add it to your demo reel.

    Submit Yourself 

    Casting sites like Actors Access list plenty of commercials, short films, web series and feature film roles that can be obtained without the help of an agent.

    Sign up and build an online profile. Begin submitting yourself each day, and be consistent!


    Yet another great way to find work without representation is by networking. Reach out to casting directors and film producers, when possible. Keep in touch with directors whom you’ve worked with.

    Regularly ask your actor friends what they’re working on. Perhaps they can point you towards something you never considered before.

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