10 Survival Jobs for Actors

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  • 10 Survival Jobs for Actors

    Nurturing Your Art While Paying the Bills

    (By Tonya Tannenbaum)

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    Acting is a passion and a career path that often comes with its fair share of uncertainty. While pursuing your dreams in the entertainment industry, it’s essential to have a steady income to support yourself. Survival jobs for actors can provide the financial stability you need while allowing flexibility to attend auditions, rehearse, and continue honing your craft. In this article, we’ll explore ten survival jobs that can help you sustain your artistic journey.

    1. Server or Bartender

    Working as a server or bartender in a restaurant or bar can offer flexible hours, making it easier to schedule auditions and rehearsals. Additionally, tips can provide a boost to your income during busy shifts.

    1. Administrative Assistant

    Many offices hire administrative assistants or receptionists. This job typically involves tasks like answering phones, managing schedules, and handling paperwork. It often offers regular hours and a stable income.

    1. Freelance Writing or Content Creation

    If you have strong writing skills, consider freelancing as a writer or content creator. You can write articles, blog posts, or create marketing content for businesses. Freelance work allows you to set your own hours and work remotely.

    1. Tutoring or Teaching

    If you excel in a particular subject or skill, tutoring or teaching can be a fulfilling survival job. You can teach academic subjects, music, dance, or even acting to students of various ages.

    1. Voiceover Work

    Voiceover work is closely related to acting and provides a source of income while keeping your vocal skills sharp. You can lend your voice to commercials, audiobooks, video games, and more.

    1. Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

    If you have a passion for fitness, becoming a certified fitness instructor or personal trainer can be an excellent option. You can set your own hours and work in gyms, studios, or even offer private lessons.

    1. Temp Jobs

    Temporary jobs can provide short-term income and flexibility. Temp agencies often have positions in various industries, including office administration, data entry, and customer service.

    1. Retail Sales Associate

    Working in retail offers flexible scheduling and the potential for commissions or bonuses based on sales performance. You can gain valuable customer service experience while supporting your acting pursuits.

    1. Ride-Share Driver

    Becoming a ride-share driver for companies like Uber or Lyft allows you to set your own hours and work when it suits your audition and rehearsal schedule. It can be a good option if you have access to a vehicle.

    1. Freelance Photography or Videography

    If you have photography or videography skills, you can offer your services for events, portraits, or promotional content. This allows you to work on a freelance basis and create your own schedule.

    Survival jobs are an essential part of many actors’ journeys, providing financial stability and flexibility as they pursue their artistic dreams. While these jobs may not be your ultimate career goal, they can serve as a means to support your passion for acting. It’s crucial to strike a balance between your survival job and your artistic pursuits, ensuring that your financial needs are met while still dedicating time to auditions, rehearsals, and networking within the industry. With the right survival job, you can continue nurturing your talent and working towards your goals as an actor.

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