5 Ways to Find a Good Talent Agent 

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  • 5 Ways to Find a Good Talent Agent

    Above all else, remain positive and persistent

    (By Javier Guerra)

    (Photo: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels)

    I recently met an actress who had all but given up on finding a good agent. The task was becoming mission impossible. Her frustration was palpable.

    “You have to keep looking,” I said to her. “It takes time.”

    “I’ve tried,” she replied, with a dejected look on her face.

    “You have to try again!” I protested.

    “I’ve tried,” she replied once more.

    It was clear that she was done with the conversation at that point.

  • If that sounds like you, I hope you haven’t given up entirely. It can be really hard to find a good rep. But you have to keep going, keep trying and be persistent.

    “The ‘getting representation’ thing is so complicated. It took me a long time.”

    (Edie Falco)

    Remember, there are lots of things you can do to land a good agent. Here are 5 avenues you could go down:

    1) Referral

    By far, the best way to get an agent is via referral (personal recommendation). It could come from an acting teacher who has seen you in class and loves your work. It could come from a manager, a casting director or even another actor who is currently represented by the agency.

    Referrals are powerful. It’s like having a friend recommend a restaurant to you. That recommendation is much more persuasive than a television ad. Referrals work the same way.

  • 2) Personal Submission

    (Photo: Andrea Piacquadio | Pexels)

    You could try directly submitting your material to agents. You can find the names and contact information of the agents you’d like to contact on sites like IMDb, or you can go directly to the agency’s website.

    Be sure to follow all submission guidelines. And most importantly, be persistent without being a pest.

    3) Showcases

    Some acting classes conduct showcases, either periodically or at the end of your training. Talent agents are invited to come and see actors from the class perform.

    If an agent is impressed with your work, they may wish to sign you to their agency.

  • 4) Find a manager

    (Photo: christina@wocintechchat.com/Unsplash)

    You might want to try to find a manager first, before seeking an agent. Agents are all about making money today. But talent managers take a longer view of your career and, therefore, may be more willing to take a chance on an unproven actor.

    After securing a manager, your manager can use their connections to help you secure an agent. Also, managers sometimes act as agents, helping their actors get auditions the way an agent might.

    5) Find a commercial agent first

    Another way to find a theatrical agent is to first find a commercial agency that also has a theatrical department.

    Once you make a name for yourself on the commercial side, you could request a meeting with an agent from the agency’s theatrical wing.

    There are many different ways of going about this. What’s most important is that you remain positive and persistent!

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