What are Some Special Skills to Put on an Actor Resume?

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  • What are Some Special Skills to Put on an Actor Resume? 

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    The special skills section of an actor’s resume can help casting locate actors with specific skills. These skills can be applied to the role, which makes for a more successful project.

    Special skills are also an additional way for actors to stand out. You’ve got a better chance of getting a role if you have unique skills that match those needed to play the character.

  • The most important thing to remember when adding items to your special skills section is to make sure that they are indeed “skills”. They must be things that you are better at doing than the average person; things upon which you excel.

    Indeed, if you do them only on rare occasions, then they’re not skills at all. And they’re certainly not “special skills”.

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    Did you play a sport professionally or semi-professionally? Are you a dance instructor? Do you have years of martial arts training? Did you serve in the military?

    These are items that can be included in your special skills section. The years that you have invested in your particular areas of interest are what makes them special skills.

  • Here are some broad examples of items to include in your special skills section:

    *Certification to operate a particular type of vehicle, such as a motorcycle

    *Firearms training

    *Experience in a particular profession, such as military, police or in the medical field

    *Martial Arts training

    *Former athlete in a particular sport

    *Fluency in a foreign language

    *Ability to do an accent very well

    *Ability to speak a certain dialect very well

    *Proficiency in playing a musical instrument

    *Proficiency in a style of dance

    *Stage combat experience

    *Ability to sing very well

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