Acting Tip: Wanna get more “looks”?

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    Acting Tip: Get More “Looks” From a Photoshoot

    Wanna get more “looks” during a headshot photoshoot for free? Wear layers and slowly “undress” for the camera.
    Great headshots are essential for almost every actor. They can be useful and effective, but they can also be quite expensive, especially when you’re a struggling actor who hasn’t booked a job recently.
    And, of course, headshot photographers have no sympathy for your plight. Many of them charge a hefty sum for headshots, while only allowing an actor to take photos for one “look”, or outfit, with prices going up with each “look” you add to the photo session.

    But, there is a way to get more “looks” without paying more. An actor can wear layers of clothing and other accessories and simply “undress” for the camera.

    Example 1:
    An actor can begin the photo session wearing a suit and tie. This establishes a businessman “look”. Then, after taking some photos with that “look”, the actor can “undress” for the camera, removing the tie and suit jacket and unbuttoning the shirt. Suddenly what began as a professional or businessman “look” becomes a casual “look”. One look becomes two.

    Example 2:
    An actress can wear a casual outfit with a light jacket. This establishes her casual “look”. Then, while shooting, she can remove the jacket, revealing a halter top, and quickly pin her hair up. Now, her casual “look” becomes a sporty, just-came-from-the-gym “look”. Two looks, same price.

    Of course, not every photographer will go for this. After all, this is how they earn a living. But, if you can find a friendly photographer who doesn’t mind such adjustments, “undressing” for the camera is a great way to get lots of different looks, while not paying a fortune.

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