Acting Tips

Beginning actors may want to stick with traditional headshots—headshots that are simple, black-and-white, and friendly. However, advanced actors may want to use a headshot that more closely follows their career path.

Acting Tip: No Messy Headshots.

Acting Tip: Don’t make your headshot messy. Make sure that YOU are the star of your headshot. Never allow yourself to be upstaged by your shiny jewelry, distracting clothing, busy wallpaper patterns or…

Acting Tip: Never arrive late to audition.

Acting Tip: Never arrive late to the audition. “One of the worst things you can do is arrive late to an audition. In addition to being unprofessional, arriving late shows the casting director…

Acting Tip: Send unsolicited, if necessary

Acting Tip: Send unsolicited submissions, if necessary. Just because an agency says, “No unsolicited submissions”, doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t open or read it. There’s a slim chance they will. And this is…

  • Acting Tip: Audition begins upon arrival

    Acting Tip: Your audition begins when you arrive! Your acting audition begins upon arrival, at the audition location, not just when you’re in the audition room. The casting director may be watching you…

    Acting Tip: Audition with sides in-hand

    Acting Tip: Audition with sides in-hand! Memorize your lines but audition with sides in-hand, as if you are unfamiliar with the lines. Then blow them away with your performance!

    Acting Tip: Get Professional Headshots

    Acting Tip:  Get professional headshots! Unprofessional headshots make casting directors think YOU are…unprofessional. Don’t go cheap!    

    Acting Tip: Wait before signing to audition

    Acting Tip: Wait a few minutes b4 signing in to audition. This gives more time to prepare sides…and nerves.

    Acting Tip

    The Types of Actor Headshots

    Learn more about the different ways actors use headshots to market themselves! Learn More

    Acting Tip – Headshot Must Look Like You!

    The most common rule of thumb for an actor’s headshot is also the simplest and most straightforward: It must look like……YOU!

    Acting Tip: Record your lines for easy memorization.

    Acting Tip: Record your lines for easy memorization.   Learning lines can be one of the toughest tasks for an actor. Think about it. An actor may be asked to learn an enormous…

    Commercial Acting Tips

    Appling the Rule of Threes… Figuring out exactly what to do in order to give a strong commercial audition can be challenging. It’s not just a simple matter of smiling while saying the…