Acting Fact: Women claimed 24% of leading roles.

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Acting Fact: Women claimed 24% of leading roles as protagonists, in the top 100 Films of 2017.

From the LA Times:

Galvanized by Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and others in the #MeToo movement, women seized the narrative in Hollywood in 2017. But on screen, it was a different picture.

Women claimed just 24% of leading roles, or protagonists, in the top 100 films last year, down from 29% in 2016, according to a new report from San Diego State’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film.

Audiences in 2017, the report found, were almost twice as likely to see male characters on screen as female characters.

For example, women made up 37% of major characters — a broader category that includes actors who were not central protagonists — in those top-grossing films in the U.S. and Canada. That percentage did not budge from 2016, according to the report, titled “It’s a Man’s (Celluloid) World” and released Thursday.


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