Funny Feel-Facts, Part II

(by Carmichael Phillips)

(Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash)

Here are 5 more feel-facts about acting I’ve uncovered. Part 1 of my Feel-Facts series brought some laughs and inflamed some tensions, so I thought I’d toss out a few more to piss off even more people. I mean, like, what the hell?

Remember, the dictionary defines a fact as:

Fact: /fakt/ noun: A thing that is known or proved to be true”

A “feel-fact” is slightly different. A feel-fact is not proved to be true, because it doesn’t have to be proven. A feel-fact can be true as long as it feels like it’s true.

That’s right. In the world of feel-facts, a fact need only to feel true in order to be true!

In the acting world, there are many feel-facts. Here are a few more feel facts that we can’t prove, but damn it, they just feel good to say out loud, so they must be true!

#1: Doubters Can Quickly Become A$$ Kissers

The same people who are doubting you today could be the same people kissing your a$$ tomorrow. All you have to do is to get off your a$$ today and get to work!


5 Funny Feel-Facts About Acting

#2: Your Failures Don’t Make You Special

(Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash)

Dude, stop worrying about the last audition you bombed. Every actor bombs an audition once in a while. You ain’t that special! Get over it and get back in the game!


#3: Waiting for Opportunity is for Old-School Actors

If you’re waiting for this industry to give you an opportunity:

The 1980’s called…they want their old way of thinking back!

It’s the 2000’s. You’ve got YouTube and smart phones and the internet and social media at your disposal.

Go out there and create your own opportunities!

#4: Actors Make the Best Dates

(Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash)

The best part about dating an actor? The romantic role-playing is out of this world!


#5 Inappropriate Scene-Stealing Should Be a Crime

Scene-stealing, when it’s deliberate and inappropriate, should be a crime, punishable by death. Unless, of course, you get to be the thief, rather than the victim!

No, seriously, all deliberate scene-stealers suck!


Sorry, not sorry, if this ruffles a few feathers. This is just a rant; an opportunity to say what some people are afraid to say aloud.

Hang on to your seats. Part 3 will be off the charts!

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