Modeling Definitions

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  • Modeling Definitions

    Modeling definitions you should know…

    Test your knowledge of everything modeling; including models, modeling terms and modeling tools that help models become even better models, with these industry terms.

    Modeling Agent-Model and talent agents provide representation to actors, models and other talent. The agency helps you find work and collects money after your work is complete. The agency then takes a commission from your work (usually 10-20%) and sends you the rest.

    (to) Book– Booking happens when a company selects a model for a particular job. This term is most often used when referring to a model being selected for, say, a runway job.

    Book– A book is usually used when referring to a model’s portfolio.

    – All callback is when a client is interested in a model or actor and would like to see them for a second time, prior to making the ultimate selection as to who will get the modeling job.

    Composite Card– Also known as a “comp” card, it is a card with a couple of pictures that a model or modeling agency uses to land model work.

    Fashion Modeling– Fashion modeling is modeling where the clothing is the central focus.

    Fitting– A model goes to a fitting prior to being booked for, say, a runway job. There, the model tries on the clothes of the designer so that booking and other decisions can be made about the talent.

    Figure Modeling– Fashion modeling is the kind of modeling where the body is the central focus, such as nude modeling.

    Fit models– Fit models are used to test the sizing of sample garments.

    Go-See– An interview or audition for a model prior to being booked

    Junior Model– A model that looks young and can model junior-sized clothing.

    Model Bag– Any bag that is used to carry the necessary items a model needs, such as a change of clothes, deodorant, combs and brushes.

    Model Release– A model release is a contract a model signs giving clients permission to use photos of them.

    Parts Model– A parts model is a model that is photographed at specific parts of the body, such as the model’s hands or feet.

    Portfolio– Contains photos, usually of a model’s prior work, that is used at go-sees to determine which model will be selected for a job.

    Print Work– Unlike runway modeling, this work is done using still camera pictures and is used for print, such as magazine photos.

    Runway Modeling– The opposite of Print Work, this modeling usually involves a catwalk for models to display a designers clothing line.

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