Acting Facts

Acting Fact: Union commercial actors earn 10 times as much.

  Acting Fact: Union commercial actors earn as much as 10 times more money than non-union commercial actors. Non-union actors earn significantly less money in commercials than their SAG-AFTRA union counterparts. In fact,…

Acting Fact: Women claimed 24% of leading roles.

  Acting Fact: Women claimed 24% of leading roles as protagonists, in the top 100 Films of 2017. From the LA Times: Galvanized by Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and others in the #MeToo…

Acting Fact: SAG-AFTRA Membership.

Acting Fact: There are approximately 160,000 members in SAG-AFTRA, an American labor union which represents actors, singers, broadcast journalists, voice artists and other performers. SAG (Screen Actors Guild, formed in 1933) and AFTRA…

  • Acting Fact: Roles for Women in Hollywood Compared to Men

    Acting Fact:    Although things are gradually improving, there remains nearly twice as many starring roles for men than for women in Hollywood.

    Acting Fact: Only About 20% of Union Actors Earn More Than $10,000 Annually

    Acting Fact: Only about 20% of union actors earn more than $10,000 per year. (A sobering or encouraging fact, depending on your perspective.) This is a sobering fact of life for most actors….