Acting Tip: Special skills means special SKILLS

By Webmaster

Acting Tip: On your acting resume, “special skills” means special SKILLS, not your “I-do-this-with-my-leftover-beer-money” hobbies.

It might be tempting to load your resume up with lots and lots of “special skills”. Some actors do this in hopes of booking more work.

They think, for example, “hey, if I put ‘basketball’ in my special skills section, it might put me in competition for basketball roles.
And, while they may think it is one of their skills, in truth, the actor may only play on occasion and may not be particularly good. They might even downright stink!

Remember, the word skill means SKILL! That means, you can do that activity better than the average person. Casting directors might even want you to be able to do that activity better than people who do it very well.

By placing it into your special skills section, you are announcing to all who see your resume, that you are better than most. Imagine the disappointment a casting director will feel when they bring you in for your basketball audition, only to find that all you know how to do is hit the backboard. Your audition, much like your jumpshot, will be one giant…brick!

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