Acting Definition: Clip

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Acting Definition: Clip.

A “Clip” is a small but important piece of footage from a film. If you perform in a film or television show, or even a theatrical performance that is filmed, you may want to use a “clip”, a small but memorable part of your performance. You can then combine that clip with clips of your other memorable performances to produce a demo reel. This demo reel can then be used to promote your acting career.

In some cases, instead of a full demo reel, it may be more suitable to send only a clip of one of your performances. For example, if you performed as a detective and are competing for a detective role, why would you send an entire demo reel full of roles that are not related to the role at-hand. Instead, it may be more advantageous to simply send a clip of you performing your previous detective role to match the current opportunity.

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