What Should I Wear To An Audition?

By AM Staff

  • When it comes to knowing what to wear to an audition, it is important to know what kind of audition the actor is auditioning for. Is the audition a basic, general audition or is the audition very specific and very particular. In other words, is the actor going to an audition to read some general lines or is the actor going to audition specifically for the role of, say, a firefighter?

    The answer to that question largely determines what an actor should wear to an audition.

    If an actor is going to an audition just to read some general lines or read for various roles, the actor should wear basic clothing. That is, the actor should wear clothing that is comfortable, fitting and does not distract from the actor’s performance. On the other hand, if the actor is auditioning for a role that is very specific, the actor should try to “go in character” or “dress the part”. These are industry phrases that essentially mean that the actor should make an effort to look like the character he or she is auditioning for while auditioning.

    Dressing the Part

        It is usually good for an actor to “dress the part”. If an actor is auditioning for the role of a police officer, it might be a good idea to show up to the audition wearing a police shirt, badge and hat. The actor does not have to rent a full police uniform, although it may be very helpful to do so. But by simply wearing items that are related to law enforcement, the actor can dramatically improve his chances of getting the part. Dressing the part makes it easier for a casting director to imagine the actor performing that role in the production, which increases the odds of success for the actor.

    General Attire

    If an actor is auditioning for a role that is not specific or is auditioning for multiple roles, the actor should wear clothing that makes them look and feel great while not distracting from the audition itself. Keep certain things in mind:

    • Actors should try to minimize the amount of jewelry they wear
    • Actors should try to cover up outstanding piercings and tattoos, unless they fit the role the actor is auditioning for.
    • Actors should not wear “loud” clothing, such as extremely bright colors, patterns and designs; unless it fits the role the actor is auditioning for.
    • Actors should not wear white, especially when the audition is an on-camera audition.

    Just Ask

    Lastly, one surefire way to know what to where is to simply ask. The actor should ask the casting director or the agent who arranged the audition what they should wear. There is never any shame in asking. And, if there is a specific dress code, asking all but guarantees the actor will nail it.

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